Industry-Based Certifications | Credentials

Why are certifications (aka "credentials") so important to YOU in today's workplace? 

  • Certifications are the identification of the knowledge, skills and abilities required in jobs within specific sectors and industries.
  • Many are seen more than ever as the benchmark needed to enter into and advance in specific industries.
  • They contribute to career development and may be accepted for self-development requirements (e.g. Individual Development Plan) and in performance evaluations.

Our Career Pathway Initiative aligns education and training to career success.

  • Addresses the skills gap and ensures an educated and skilled workforce.
  • Many of our programs lead to postsecondary education and career training opportunities. 
  • These nationally portable, standards-based, industry-based skills benefit labor market needs and are a great value for all. 

Certifications | Vouchers

Many of our Advanced Career Training Programs help prepare students to take the certification exam in their field of interest.  An increasing number of these programs includes the cost of and access to the actual certification exam, in the form of a voucher.  Certification exam vouchers enable students to save time and money by providing a more streamlined, easy way to take their exam, after their training is complete.  Most importantly is our students appreciate the all-included package these vouchers courses provide.

Why is this so important to US?  Better education and training alignment to YOUR success.  


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