Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers continuing education programs as a means of extending educational opportunities to our community. We strive to uphold the highest levels of excellence and ensure fair, equitable treatment of all individuals.


We expect our students to be responsible and follow a planned schedule in order to stay on target for completing the training within the specified timeframe.  Contact your Student Advisor if you think you may not be on target to complete the course on time.  We would be happy to work with you and provide a timeline schedule to keep you on target.    


Contact the Enrollment Counselor at 361-825-5751 or continuing.ed@tamucc.edu. with your name, current mailing address, course title, and date course completed.  First certificate is FREE.  Additional Certificates $4.00 each.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity. Academic misconduct for which a student is subject to penalty includes all forms of cheating, which include but are not limited to falsification, forgery, plagiarism or complicity in any of these behaviors. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi reserves the right to remove any participant found in violation of this policy.


Students are marked Complete when they have completed the course requirements, when all components of the course are confirmed successfully completed and they have fulfilled any financial obligations (i.e. student loan). Completion verification may take approximately 48 hours from the time the student completes their program.  Certificates of completion are awarded to students upon successful completion of all course requirements.  

For Career Training programs, successful completion is accomplished by maintaining an average grade of 70% or higher.  Upon validation the address is correct, a certificate of completion will be mailed within 30 days.  We recommend students verify their current mailing address as soon as possible.  For Enhanced Certificate programs - a certificate will be granted for each of the individual programs within the bundle.  

For questions regarding certificates, contact the Enrollment Counselor at 361-825-5751 or continuing.ed@tamucc.edu.




We take pride in providing non-credit programs that enhance your educational experience and help you achieve your career and professional development goals. We strive to meet the standards set by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET) in delivering high quality continuing education. Registrants who request cancellation and/or refund are wholly responsible for any shipping and handling fees incurred for the return of all program materials. If at any time you are dissatisfied or have concerns regarding the quality of your course, please contact the Enrollment Counselor at 361-825-5751 or e-mail continuing.ed@tamucc.edu.



  • Students cannot transfer to another program not included in the bundle unless it's a version update.
  • Students may transfer to the updated version if they haven't received an extension for that program and cannot exceed the duration of access plus 1 year time frame.
  • Students will be responsible for any applicable transfer fees (price difference plus $125 transfer fee) and new materials costs.


  • 10-day refund policy applies for each individual program (10 calendar days starting on the day they are given access to the program).
  • Student dropping an individual program from within the bundle will be refunded a prorated amount that will eliminate the discount received on any remaining completed programs.
  • Credit card payments can only be refunded for 90 days after the payment date, after that, refund will be check and can take six weeks to process.
  • If a program within the bundle is a pre-requisite for another in the bundle it cannot be dropped unless both are dropped.
  • All bundle programs accessed online will be charged the regular price of the program.  Example:  If a student is taking a bundle course 1, course 2, and course 3, and complete course 1, accesses course 2 for 30 days, but wants to drop course 3, a drop/refund for course 3 will be at the prorated cost (a lower dollar amount than retail to make up for the student losing the overall discount).


For Fundamentals/Self-Paced/Value Suites:

Students enrolled in a six-week online class benefit from automatic, 10-day extensions for each course. Students automatically have access for an additional 10 days beyond the End Date listed in the Classroom without having to ask. 

For Career Training programs:

Extensions are granted on a case by case basis and are not available for all programs.

If you realize during your initial enrollment that you will need more time to complete a program, you can request an extension by e-mail at continuing.ed@tamucc.edu.  

A student may be granted up to two extensions, each equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the initial duration of access for the enrollment. Extensions shall not exceed the initial duration of access by one hundred and fifty percent (150%). (For example, a 12-month program will have two 3-month extensions available, for a total access period of 18 months.)

For more information, view the detailed course description in the online catalog or contact your assigned Student Advisor.


Request for cancellation/drops/withdrawals must be made in writing to continuing.ed@tamucc.edu.  A 20% Administrative Cancellation Fee will be incurred.  If an exception is warranted, please keep in mind that there are materials, facilitator and vendor fees associated with each program that the student will be responsible for.

A refund may be issued if a written request for cancellation is received within 10 calendar days of initial enrollment and meets the following conditions:

  1. Program curriculum has not been accessed online, and
  2. Material shipment confirmation has not been submitted.

Students will be wholly responsible for any shipping and handling fees incurred for the return of all program materials. 

Credit card payments can only be refunded for 90 days after the payment date, after that, refunds will be by check and can take six weeks to process.

*MyCAA Scholarship Students: Refunds are returned manually to the spouse's MyCAA account by the billing team.  MyCAA does not accept any other type of refund (e.g., checks or school credit).   Note:  MyCAA considers "F", "N", "W" (without a full refund).


To request your non-academic transcript, email continuing.ed@tamucc.edu with the Subject "Transcript Request".  Identify the method you wish to receive your transcript (options below).  The Office of Community Outreach | Career & Professional Education will process orders within 24 hours in most cases.  Processing delays may occur near U.S. holidays or unforeseen emergency office closure.

Delivery Options and Fee :  

  • Delivery by email = FREE
  • Printed Copy delivered by U.S. Mail = $4.00
  • Printed Copy delivered by Overseas Mail = $6.00

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Phone (361-825-5751 or 3389) to complete the transaction.