February 5, 2019 - Introducing Two New "Career Training" Online Programs

Crystal Reports

We’re pleased to announce a new course that teaches highly specialized data analysis and reporting skills. Now available and open for enrollment: Advanced Career Training 'Crystal Reports'.  With data analysis becoming increasingly important in business, knowing how to use Crystal Reports is critical. This course will teach you how to use Crystal Reports, SAP’s widely-used business intelligence application, to create custom business reports from different data sources. You will be able to not only create reports, but to manipulate their look and export them in a variety of sharable formats.
There is an ongoing need for financial consulting in the United States. In fact, the Department of Labor projects that the credit counseling field will grow 15% throughout 2024. This comprehensive course bundle teaches a broad skill set needed to assist clients with spending and money behaviors. Upon completion, students earn the designations of Certified Credit Counselor and Certified Financial Health Counselor. These certifications, given by the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors, demonstrate knowledge to effectively guide clients to financial independence.

Certified Financial Health Counselor.

Staying financially healthy is important, so many individual turn to professionals to help with this. This course prepares for a career in financial counseling as an independent counselor or a consultant to other businesses supporting individuals. Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn a Ccertified Financial Health Counselor designation from the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.

January 10, 2019 - Introducing Seven New "Fundamentals"

Three Reasons You Must Know Microsoft Office in the Workplace

  1. Microsoft Office products are the most widely-used business productivity software worldwide.
  2. Knowing Microsoft Office products will give you a leg up in the job hunt.
  3. Microsoft Office knowledge helps you be a better employee and coworker.

Introduction To Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365.

Virtually every industry can benefit from the use of Microsoft Access to organize, store, and document their essential information. Data ranging from inventory and customer information to orders details and vendors can be effectively organized with this longstanding software. Learning how to use Access 2019 adds a valuable skill set to any professional profile. This hands-on course will teach beginners how to use Microsoft Access 2019 in Office 365 to build a database and customize the way data is stored.

Intermediate Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365.

Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used information management systems. This course focuses on advanced techniques for the powerful database program, including importing Excel spreadsheets as tables, creating query calculations to crunch numbers, and using Visual Basic to automate common tasks. From building reports to conditional formatting, you will learn how to best organize data with Access 2019.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365.

Excel, Microsoft’s longstanding spreadsheet software, is the most widely-used program to manage data with spreadsheets. In fact, many workplaces require that new employees have a basic level of understanding of Microsoft Excel. This course will teach beginners how to use the program’s functions and uses, including techniques for sorting and analyzing data, creating workbooks, and automating frequently-repeated tasks. By course completion, you will know how to use this vital Office 365 tool.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365.

Many businesses rely on spreadsheets to manage data and Microsoft Excel is considered the industry standard for spreadsheets. This course is for those who use Excel regularly and want to take their skills to the next level. Students of the intermediate course will learn VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, and other advanced functions that set them apart from the casual Excel user.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/Office 365.

As technology transforms business practices, Microsoft PowerPoint remains one of the most commonly used tools for presentations. This course is perfect for beginners wanting to learn how to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 to create professional presentations.

Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019/Office 365.

Across all industries, Microsoft Project remains the most widely-used project management software. For those managing projects, learning how to use this resource is key to successfully and effectively seeing projects through to completion. This course will teach you how to effectively plan, implement, and control projects using Microsoft Project 2019.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/Office 365.

Across all industries, the ability to create documents in a word processor is essential in day-to-day functions. Knowing how to use Microsoft Word, the most widely-used word processing program, is critical. This course will introduce beginners to the 2019 version of Microsoft Word. You will learn how to write and edit text in Word and how to create, format, and organize documents. 

 MAY 11, 2018 - Specialized Training in Clinical Medical Assistant Programs

We have new specialized training programs for an extra advantage in students medical career pursuit.

APRIL 20, 2018 - Certifications and Vouchers

Many of our Advanced Career Training Programs help prepare students to take the certification exam in their field of interest. In addition, an increasing number of our offerings includes the cost of and access to the actual certification exam, in the form of a voucher.

In order to address the skills gap and ensure an educated and skilled workforce, many industries have successfully developed industry-recognized credentials or certifications to better connect individuals to the skills they need to enter into and advance in those industries. Inherent in these skills credentials is the identification of the knowledge, skills and abilities required in jobs within specific sectors and industries. These nationally portable, standards-based, industry-recognized skills credentials benefit labor market needs and end up being a great value to consumers. This approach better aligns education and training to career success.

Certification exam vouchers enable students to save time and money by providing a more streamlined, easy way to take their exam, after their training is complete.

MARCH 29, 2018 - Project Management Revisions

We have revised our Project Management courses to reflect the updates in the recently published PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition by PMI and the affiliated certification exams.  All the revised courses will include a project-based assignment, more hands-on activities & games, and more colorful images & diagrams to explain complex concepts to create a better student experience.

MARCH 23, 2018 - Fundamentals Training

Some of these courses are aimed at gaining marketable job skills, while many help people reach their goals of self-improvement mentally, physically and spiritually.

MARCH 21, 2018 - Pharmacy Technician Advanced Career Training

In partnership with Benzer Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy, we are starting a pilot program for Pharmacy Technician Advanced Career Training Course students. This student opt-in service will build a bridge to a possible career by providing a list of qualified prospective job candidates who have the right skills and training to Benzer and CVS.

MARCH 21, 2018

We are adding Skill Map, a career-focused feature for our students.  Skill Map is designed to help earners define their career next steps and point them to appropriate courses to acquire those needed skills. In the near future, students can see localized job demand, companies that are hiring, average salary numbers and understand the exact skills they need for the career they want. They will also be able to create a profile to add skills, experience, education, and favorite careers and locations.

MARCH 20, 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of new courses that train on the Six Sigma concepts and methods. These new launches not only provide comprehensive training in how to deliver meaningful results in the areas of quality management and cost containment but these new programs also prepare students for credentialing exams that can qualify them for industry-recognized certifications. 

Course Title: Certified Six Sigma Black Belt | Course Code: GES2009.  This course trains students to master the key Six Sigma concepts and methods to lead quality management projects, as well as offers preparation for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Course Title: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt | Course Code: GES2010.  This course trains students to master the key Six Sigma concepts and methods to analyze and solve quality problems and how to eventually lead quality projects. This course also offers preparation for the Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt certification offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).