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Strategic Plan

TAMUCC Community Outreach


Making a positive and sustainable impact on the educational attainment, economic development, and quality of life in our diverse community.


Building bridges between the Island University and the global community.

Objective 1 of 4

Help increase educational attainment in the region across the spectrum of learning.


  1. Strengthen innovation in educational youth programs, including boldly envisioned summer camps.
  2. Increase outreach to secondary students including dual credit, field based learning distance learning.
  3. Increase enrollment in extended education courses.
  4. Promote educational attainment of youth through parental engagement.

Objective 2 of 4

Match resources between the community and the University to enhance research, economic development, and commercialization.


  1. Identify community needs.
  2. Identify available resources.
  3. Develop systems for matching resources.
  4. Facilitate engagement between parties.
  5. Utilize RCO research capabilities to locate funding.

Objective 3 of 4

Engage diverse community to understand region’s educational, economic development and quality of life needs.


  1. Engage business professionals/industry to enhance local workforce by identifying/addressing changes and needs.
  2. Work with local school districts to tie educational initiatives to local workforce needs.
  3. Engage community organizations to promote the arts, sciences and environmental sustainability to elevate quality of life for all residents.

Objective 4 of 4

Strengthen Community Outreach by moving from delivery to management.


  1. Manage and facilitate faculty staff engagement with community.
  2. Manage and facilitate community participation in campus events and provide a welcoming environment.
  3. Manage and facilitate interactions with international companies located in the area to obtain global perspectives.
  4. Manage and facilitate opportunities for students, faculty and alumni to be engaged with the community through the University.