People are the heart of any successful organization.  We can help maximize your effectiveness through high-quality training and education. 

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers a variety of on-line corporate and professional education programs to help individuals and businesses succeed.

Corporate Client Training Manager Program

Training employees can be a challenge for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  We have the capability to establish a “Training Manager” account for companies that would like to manage their students and courses directly.  Our online Training Manager Tool offers an easy, economical solution. It allows you to select from hundreds of online courses and manage employee enrollments from your own customized online Training Center. And, it offers:

  • Streamlined online bulk order processing
  • Customizable course catalog and pricing
  • Unmatched convenience and selection  

  • Enhanced group tracking and reporting

Training managers can purchase PASSCODES to allow their employees to access selected courses.

Online Training Solutions for Businesses

Provide employee training no matter the size of your organization. Our 6 week instructor led courses and career training programs cover: 

  • IT and Software Development 
  • Management and Corporate
  • Media and Design   
  •  Soft Skills for the Workplace 


Online Microsoft Office 2019/365 Value Suite 

This course bundle will teach how to use Word 2019, Excel 2019, and PowerPoint 2019, Office’s top business productivity programs.

Online Microsoft Access 2019

Data ranging from inventory to customer information can be effectively organized with this longstanding software.

Online Project Management

The Project Management Institute is the world's leading professional association for Project Management. They certify project managers through their Project Management Professional (PMP) ® credential.  For professionals who wish to improve their project management knowledge and skills or are seeking a project management certification, we can help you master the skills you need to get started in project management or take your career to the next level and prepare you for the PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) certification exam!

Critical Skills for the Workplace

Important personal pre-vocational skills include: Self-discipline, Responsibility and Integrity, and Time Management.  And, don't forget these valuable assets:

Personal Appearance • In any workplace, you need to properly keep up your personal hygiene and professional appearance. This includes everything from being clean to having an appropriate hair style and attire for a vocation. Whether you are expected to wear a three-piece suit, scrubs, or a uniform, it should be clean, neat, and wrinkle-free.

Problem Solving • Problems can enter every area of our lives, and your vocation will be no exception. Your problem-solving skills can help any company, manager, or boss to feel confident in your abilities on the job. Simple problems related to your job should be solved by you.

Critical Thinking • Along with being able to solve problems, you need to be able to think critically. Employers desire employees that are able to make inferences and come to logical conclusions without having to have everything spelled out. Once you know the basic information about any subject or job, you should be able to figure out more complex information regarding the subject or job.

Positive Attitude • You need a good attitude. We all know how hard this can be at times, but if you approach life and your job with an open mind and positive attitude, you can accomplish almost anything. Not only that, keep in mind that no one wants to work with a person with a bad attitude. You may have seen someone who has a bad attitude and brings everyone down. Attitudes are contagious, so spread a positive one! Happy people are also usually more productive and that makes them valuable employees

Interpersonal Skills

Credentialing can contribute to career development, and may be accepted for self-development requirements (e.g. Individual Development Plan) and in performance evaluations.  For Credentialing options, contact us at

Innovation Center

The Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for innovative ideas by guiding the entrepreneurial process and supporting the creation of sustainable, successful Coastal Bend businesses at every level of development.  The business incubation programs include four offerings for start-up and small businesses;

  1. Pre-Incubation – to develop a business model that is appropriate for the commercialization of an innovative idea 
  2. Incubation – takes early stage small businesses through the process of commercialization of their innovative product, service, or process  
  3. Acceleration – assists innovative businesses that already have sales with the acceleration of their growth and attainment of sustainability
  4. Post Graduate – offers our graduates and other area businesses state of the art educational programs, business model coaching, and customized assistance

The Innovation Center also offers mentoring to clients from knowledgeable and experienced business people in the area as well as access to community and TAMU-CC resources as appropriate.

The Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center is focused on creating good jobs, diversifying the regional economy, and improving the quality of life in the Coastal Bend of Texas.   To learn more, visit the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center at