Career & Professional Education

Never Stop Improving!

48% of adults with a graduate or professional degree reported having a work credential, proving that traditional education and non-traditional online career programs don't compete but actually harmonize to deliver what job seekers need to succeed.  In fact, "a majority of adults reported that their most important work credential was very useful for getting a job (82%), keeping a job (80%), remaining marketable to employers or clients (81%) and improving work skills 66%."

Continuing Education Credit

Many of our self-paced tutorials under Fundamentals and Texas Teacher CPE's offer continuing education credits to enable professionals to fulfill the continuing education requirements of their licensing board or credentialing organization.  It is the individuals responsibility to determine the suitability of a course to meet specific requirements.  

Not for Academic Credit

Our online continuing education courses are designed for personal and professional development.  They do not count towards academic credit at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.