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Community Outreach

at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

About Community Outreach

Community Outreach serves as the public service arm of the University. Established in 1993, Outreach insures that the resources of the University, mostly in terms of facilities, knowledge and expertise, and volunteer hours, are available to meet community needs. All age levels are served through Outreach, and one does not need to be a University student to receive Outreach services. Through creative problem-solving, Outreach staff locate community problems and seek University faculty, students, and staff to work toward the solution of those problems. From summer and after-school youth programs to air pollution prevention training to consulting with businesses, Outreach seeks to create a higher quality of life for the citizens of the Coastal Bend through the application of University resources. If you want someone to write a grant with you or design a program for youth or present a workshop for your colleagues or design a website for your small business or help you in your daily life in other ways, contact Outreach with your idea about how the University can help.